Bears Ears National Monument: The Good Word from Stephen Trimble

Fish Creek Canyon, Stephen Trimble

Fish Creek Canyon, Stephen Trimble

Stephen Trimble, editor of Red Rock Testimony and author, has been a remarkable voice in the media praising President Obama's designation of the Bear's Ears National Monument, 1.35 million acres. 

Stephen's words have made public lands issues meaningful and visible for decades. Here's what he's been saying about Bear's Ears National Monument within the past month:

"When Donald Trump becomes our next president, we'll lose these opportunities to protect irreplaceable landscapes, for Trump's picks for secretary of the interior and EPA administrator make his anti-stewardship agenda unequivocally clear."
Letter: Obama should do as LBJ did. The Salt Lake Tribune.

"[Obama] had to think big. In granting 1.35 million acres of federal land new, needed protections, he preserved for the future a place of learning, grandeur, sanctuary, and healing."
The president did the right thing: Bears Ears National MonumentThe L.A. Times.

"Participating in the resistance made me feel more engaged, more helpful, more energized. I felt better at the end of that day than on any day since the election–too many days spent reading the depressing news feed on my laptop and feeling paralyzed."
Letter to America.

"My wife, Joanne, and I spent some time researching the best charities to fund the good fight in the Age of Trump. Here's our list of top picks for national organizations."
Funding the Resistance in the Age of

Finally, listen to Radioactive's interview with Stephen alongside Utah Dine Bikeyah's Kenneth Maryboy to hear about what to expect in the upcoming months and years as efforts continue to protect this land. 

Stephen, the Red Rock Stories community thanks you for your tireless and inspiring efforts.